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  • Zapiens Innovations  Pvt  Ltd

    Envisioning Economic Renaissance.
  • Empowering Merchants with Tech and Support
    ZAPPY, the prestigious flagship product of Zapiens Innovation, uniquely connects buyers and sellers in a hyperlocal marketplace through our innovative SaaS platform.
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  • Revolutionizing Business Efficiency

    Pioneering a constructive revolution in the business environment with the assimilation of cutting-Edge technology.

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A Trusted Partnership

We foster lasting connection with our stakeholders by consistently exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional values. Prioritizing trust and long term relationships.

Saas solutions

SaaS promises significant enhancement across various aspects of our operation, enriching security features and compliance measures, ensuring regulatory standards and  safeguarding data.

Power of Innovation

Innovation is the cornerstone of zapiens innovation , fueling its leadership in this competitive world. We strive to excel through continuous technological adaptations.

what are we

We commit ourselves to sustainable development and community enrichment, positioning us at the vanguard of socially conscious commerce. Through innovative practices that balance economic growth with societal well-being, we strive to create lasting positive impact, empowering communities and setting new standards for ethical business globally.

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Zappy - Our flagship Product

Connecting Commerce, Inspiring Choices 

Tomorrow's Shopping Empowered and Elevated Today.